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FractionRingWidget Class Reference

#include <FractionRingWidget.h>

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Public Member Functions

 FractionRingWidget ()
 ~FractionRingWidget ()

Protected Member Functions

bool checkTask ()
int GCF (int a, int b)
int MCM (int a, int b)
void paintEvent (QPaintEvent *event)
void resetFraction (bool update)

Private Slots

void GoBack ()
void Hint ()
void NewTask ()
void slotApplySettings ()
void slotLeftSpinBoxValueChanged (int value)
void slotPrefs ()
void slotRightSpinBoxValueChanged (int value)

Private Member Functions

void setupActions ()

Private Attributes

QWidget * baseWidget
QColor bgColor
QColor bgInsideMold
QColor bgInsideRing
QColor bgOutsideMold
QColor bgOutsideRing
QColor colorListLeft [5]
QColor colorListRight [5]
int denLeft
int denRight
QGridLayout * gridLayout
QWidget * interfaceWidget
QGridLayout * layout1
QLabel * leftInfoLabel
KIntSpinBox * leftSpinBox
KAction * m_BackAction
KAction * m_HintAction
KAction * m_NewTaskAction
int multLeft
int multRight
int numLeft
int numRight
QPushButton * resetButton
QLabel * rightInfoLabel
KIntSpinBox * rightSpinBox
ratio rLeft
ratio rRight
KTextEdit * textMsg

Detailed Description

Constructs a QWidget bla bla bla

Danilo Balzaque

Definition at line 61 of file FractionRingWidget.h.

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